Argia Designs joins design and sustainability to create garden and patio spaces that are beautiful and truly green.




Plant design

We work with a sustainable, California native, and Mediterranean climate plant palette that reduces water use, creates habitat and is climate appropriate.

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Rain Gardens

Designing gardens that capture and make use of our natural rainfall to reduce runoff pollution and recharge your soil and groundwater with this precious natural resource. 



Creating habitat for humans and wildlife through plant and design palettes that provide food and water, nesting material and shelter for local wildlife and beautiful, comfortable outdoor living spaces for humans. 

What we do.


We provide consultation and design services to homeowners, contractors and business owners who are looking for a new vision for their outdoor spaces.

We design outdoor living spaces to help connect to nature and tune out the noise of day to day life; for outdoor garden spaces we specialize in a Mediterranean and California native plant palette that is more sustainable and creates habitat for wildlife and humans alike; and we provide consulting services to those looking for a more sustainable approach to garden and landscape maintenance.


Indoor plants have been proven to increase health and wellness of interior spaces. We provide consultation, plant selection and placement for interior plants for homes and businesses.

We specialize in:

outdoor living and garden room design   .   container garden design . interior plant design . sustainability consulting

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We currently offer on-site consultations services to clients on the Peninsula, San Francisco and Marin County, and remote consultation services to clients online. Tell us a bit about your project...

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